School Closure - COVID 19 - Please see class web pages for daily home learning. We remain open for our key worker children. Year 6 Return 8th June. Reception Return 15th June
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Easter holiday STEM project homework

Our family STEM challenge was very well attended. Thank you to all the parents who participated enthusiastically and had fun working with their children. 

Science and IPC route map 2108-2019

Year 5 STEM interschool competition February 2019 - to build a newspaper tower strong enough to hold up a basketball

Dr Andrew Szydlo's Science demonstration

Year 3 STEM interschool competition Summer term 2018- to make a boat out of foil that would carry a load of marbles

Science on display

Year 3 investigating magnetism

Year 3 investigating forces

Year 3 investigating light and shadows

Year 6 showing an example of Refraction (part one)

Still image for this video

Year 6 showing an example of Refraction (part 2)

Still image for this video
Nursery children rescuing a tiny spider
Nursery children fascinated by giant African snail
Nursery children in awe of the giant African snail
Nursery children studying the giant African snail
We are looking after some chicks in school
A Chicken's Life Cycle
Day 1 AM Prior to hatching in the hatchery
Day 1 PM First egg beginning to crack
Day 1 PM The first chick hatches
Day 1 PM The first chick waits for others to hatch
Day 2 AM Most of the chicks have hatched
Day 2 AM Most of the chicks have hatched
Y2 learnt about healthy eating
Y5 learnt about the water cycle
Y5 tested effect of surface area on evaporation
Y5 tested the effect of temperature on evaporation
used evaporation to seperate salt and water
 test to see if slate is permeable
Y3 make detailed observational drawings of rocks
Y3 make close observational drawings of rocks
Y3 test permeability of rocks
Y3 made informed judgements about rock samples
Y3 examining rocks with a magnifying lens
Y3 examine the grains and crystals in rocks
Y3 dropping water gently onto the rock sample
Y3 used syringes to measure water accurately
Y3 testing the permeability of 5 rocks
Y5 watching the impact of meteors hitting the moon
Y5 children made observations about the craters
Y5 We tested 3 balls of different masses
Y5 we examined the impact craters the rocks made
Year 3 investigating sugar content
Year 3 investigating salt content
Year 3 feeling their heartbeat
Year 3 feeling their pulse
fair test to find the best spinner by Year 3
testing two spinners at a time
 butterflies emerged from their cocoons

Year Six making their pizza box solar ovens and testing how well they work on some marshmallows.