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Religious Education

Our School Vision: We are a Christian community, united in love, where each individual grows in wisdom, builds deep friendships and practises true forgiveness.

We challenge ourselves in all that we do so that we each can flourish and become the person God is calling us to be.


Our School Text: 'Let all that you do, be done in love.'

1 Corinthians 16:14 (ESV)


Our Christian Values are Forgiveness, Wisdom and Friendship.


Our School Motto, "Learning to love, loving to Learn."



At our school we are a family, praying and growing together.

Our friendship bench acts as an area of reflection, where any child can seek support, rationalise their feelings or to seek-out a particular member of staff or special friend. The bench is in the day-to-day environment of the school, it can be used at any time and for any reason—from seemingly trivial matters to more serious concerns—and encourages children to ask for help when they are troubled. We know we can sort out any difficulty, through our Christian values of friendship, forgiveness and wisdom.

The Infant classes have lots of fun learning areas. Here they are acting out the life of the the story of St. Frances and getting into freeze frames.

During this Autumn term year two focused their learning on Judaism. They learnt all about the important artefacts that play such a significant role in the life of a Jew. They had lots of interesting questions for their teacher. They also reenacted a visit to a synagogue. It was a great day!

Nursery have been learning about Saint Nicholas.

Nursery R.E topic is celebrations. We have been learning about birthdays.

We learn how we can all work together to promote peace in the world. Peace begins with understanding people of different faiths.

At St. Paul’s and all Hallows we believe that it is important for children to understand and be exposed to the other main world faiths. The pupils learn about love and respect for all people and their beliefs. “The wisdom and tradition of other religions help expand the arena in which God lives and moves and has being.” (Rev. Mark Beckwith)

We visited the Baitul Futuh Mosque, also known as the Morden Mosque. It is a mosque complex, located in the south-west London suburb of Morden, London Borough of Merton London. It is Britain's largest mosque, and one of the largest in western Europe. The Baitul Futuh can accommodate up to 10,000 worshippers.

We learnt about their history and tradition. We visited their fantastic library and we had to honour of observing prayers.

Every year we have our acapella concert. This year it was fantastic, our parents and well wishers enjoyed the concert.

During our visit to the "Behing Sacred Doors" exhibition, the pupils were amazed by the life like artistic work of Mr. Kelvin Okafor. He was invited to our school to do an assembly and then Mr. Okafor also did some work in classrooms with some children. He told us a little about himself. He was born on November 1, 1985 in London to Nigerian parents. As a child, he had always been fascinated with creativity. As a result, after his A-Levels at St Ignatius College, he went for a one year course in Foundation Art & Design at City & Guilds – London Art School. He then proceeded to Middlesex University where he bagged a B.A. Honours in Fine Arts.

Children took part in the project 'Behind Sacred Doors' at Bruce Castle Museum where they looked at artefacts from our local churches. One of these was a pencil drawing of King Balthazar by the local artist Kelvin Okafor. Kelvin visited the children in school and showed his work. Year 3 and 4 had the opportunity to work with him in class. We hope you like the photographs of his work and of the children taking part in his workshop.

Every year we attend a Special Service at All Hallows Church in Bruce Castle for the celebration of All Saints' Day. All Saints' Day is a Holy Day celebrated annually on November 1. The day is dedicated to the saints of the Church, that is, all those who have attained heaven. The priest encouraged us all, teachers and pupils to work hard to be like the saints.

We enjoyed our RE Barnabas Day. For the juniours the focus was on the topic, " What is money worth?" We unpack some of our assumptions and beliefs about what really constitutes 'the bottom line' in achieving one's life goals. We learnt that for Christians there's a lot more to life than simply 'making a living' and spending all the money that is made, especially on lavish, unnecessary things.

The G-Team meets every Wednesday after school. It a Christian performance club and the most popular club at our school.We sing, dance, read, write and we do some drama activities as well . We discuss issues relating to Christianity. We have fun, while we learn about what it is like to be a Christian. We can relate our Christian values to our everyday life. It is great to be a member of the G-Team. Our members are from the Infant and Junior Schools.

In Year 4, we remember those who have died or been injured in war.We feel sorrow for their families.

We love learning about religion and belief. We can express our ideas about what we are taught. In the reception classes we had a mock Baptism.Father Robert is having a mock Baptism with year one pupils. We are so eager to be in the church to see how he performs the ceremony. We think about the time when Jesus himself was baptised in the River Jordan. We can talk about how important it is to be baptised as a member into the family of God. It is a public sign of faith and trust in God's Love. The ceremonies of Baptism speak powerfully of this love and we follow the service by joining in the prayers and responses. A member of the family, usually the father or godparent, is given a candle to light from the paschal candle. This symbolises the light of Christ which will shine through the life of the child.

Marriage is a covenant: this means a two-sided promise between two people. Our priest helped us understand what marriage means by carrying out a mock wedding ceremony. In a Christian marriage the couple promise to love and honour the other person, to share everything with their partner. A wedding is a lovely time for the bride and the groom to show everyone how much they love each other.

Year six attended their annual leavers service in June 2015 at Wood Green with all the other church schools in Haringey. Here we celebrated our achievements thus far and look forward to new beginnings in Secondary school in the coming months.

We dramatize Bible stories giving them a new modern day twist. Here we are depicting our own work; showing our friends that the Kingdom of God is a real part of the lives of Christians. We should forgive each other, if we want others to be forgiving towards us.

Our modern day version of the story of the Prodigal Son.

Still image for this video

Hotseating in year 5 to demonstrate our understanding of the term "Empathy."

We make links with the outside community. Year Six visited St.Paul's Cathedral in the city of London.Our focus was on Art and Religion and we looked at religion, icons, mosaics and sculpture. We studied the beautiful pieces at St.Paul's. It is truly an amazing place. We learnt a little about the history of the place, as well as the values of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, that are vital to its existence as a Holy and historic building.

We go to our local church to worship as a family.

We make links with our local community. In December we were invited to make a presentation at the Irish Centre, to help cheer up the elderly residents of Haringey Homes. We enjoyed presenting on the big stage and the audience loved us. We shared some Christmas cheer!

11th and 12th December. Our acapella concerts brought great joy and pride to our families. They turned out in large numbers to witness our talents on display. It was an amazing experience..

In December we visited Petchy Academy in Hackney for their school production of Sister Act II It was a lovely performance. We learnt many lessons from watching it.

November 2014 - We visited the beautiful All Hallows' Church, Tottenham, where we held a commemoration service for All Saints' Day.

Each year in November, we attend a special service to remember the men and women who gave their lives in the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts. 11 November is known as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day or Poppy Day. On his day in 2014 there was added significance, as it marked the centenary of the First World War years. During the First World War, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare. Our school together with others in the community visit the Tottenham cemetery, where we have a service, then observe a two-minute silence at 11am on 11 November. We then reflected on the brave soldiers who selflessly gave their lives so that we can enjoy a better one.

We are a part of our community. We attended the Harvest Service with our teachers. parents and carers. We brought in food items that we collected in our class for the special auction in aid on charity.We made a lovely presentation to the congregation.

We work with the wider community. Every year the Salvation Army runs a workshop for our year six pupils to help them develop co-operative and team building skills. The sessions are called "Respect." It is a time when we are reflective and question ourself about the role of God in our lives. We do drama, singing, poetry and lots of group work.

We learn about ourself and the talents we are blessed with. We think about how we can use them for the Glory of God's Kingdom. We met a gifted and inspirational poet Abraham Gibson who had us on our feet to express their words through movement .

We learnt about the Sacraments in Year Six. We did a mock ceremony of ordination with Father Robert, where two of our pupils became "priests."