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St. Nicholas

Welcome to St. Nicholas

            Nursery Team: Ms Vasa
                                   Ms Barbara
                                   Ms Stephanie
                                   Mr Aran

Dear Parents and Carers,

Summer term topic for International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is called Sand & Water.

The curriculum has been specifically written for the young children who are out of their home countries setting out clearly what they should learn in four groups or 'strands' - these are called 'Independence' and Interdependence', 'Communicating, 'Exploring' and Healthy Living'.

Children had the opportunity to take on different roles when they explored the topic. Children pretended they were going on a holiday/ to the seaside/ the swimming pool or talking about their experiences of having a bath.

Thank you to parents/carers who brought in a photo of their child at the seaside.

We hope your children enjoyed their trip to the Florence Hayes Park on Friday.  We thank all the parents and carers for coming with us.

Please take a look at some of the pictures taken on the day. 


Please continue to read with your child and remember to bring their book bags in regularly so their reading materials can be changed.  We would greatly appreciate if you could continue working alongside your child to recognise numbers 1-10 and beyond for children who have mastered 1-10 at home. Please encourage your child to practise writing their names.

Thank you for your ongoing support. 
snakes and ladders-come and count!
What is your pattern?
Elmer - Re-telling story structure using Bee-Bot
Elmer - children drew story board
patterned tower!
Look at the patterns!
Amazing ball patterns!
Wow! Now can you use 3 colours for your pattern?
Busy children making patterns
What is your pattern?
I am thinking!
Look at the pattern on my pants!
making pig mask using paper plates
re-telling the story of the 3 little pigs in group
Boy band
strange singers
ordering the beans
Jack and the Beanstalk story telling
Leaves for the display board (
Planting my bean
I am 4 leaves tall
how tall am I?
cool dressing
Who is this person?
Wow, look at those sandals!
making chapati
On our wedding we'll look like this
Let's dance to some music!
ready to swim
our own nursery beach
Walking on the rope
Wow, a giant slide indeed
a group swing!
bike race with friends.
what shape did you print?
mum is happy to see your work
~What pattern have you made?
What shape were your sandwiches?
I am shopping
 Wow! lots of parents.
Making that important call.
I am proud of my work
I am learning about shapes
 I am showing mummy how to measure
sharing my special book with mum
I can recognise numbers from 0-1
We had a reading morning in the nursery
We are all enjoying looking at the book.
 We are reading the story together.
Lots of mums and dads came.
Reading with my dad.
I like reading with my mum.
Reading with my mum and baby.
Goldilocks sleeping in Baby Bear's bed
Three bears on three chairs
Goldilocks has broken baby bear's chair!
Goldilocks trying the porridge
"Someone's been eating my porridge!"
Making new friends and off for a ride
Exploring the sand
Brilliant books
Beautiful bubbles
Role play and mark making at the "office"
Exploring the changing texture of corn flour
Taking turns and using ICT