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St. Monica and St Augustine

Welcome to the Year 5 class page
St Monica: Mrs Crook
St Augustine: Mr Crowley



As part of our IPC curriculum, Year 5 will be following a unit of work called 'Climate Control:Climate Change' .

We all have a vital role to play in protecting and preserving our environment. As our population continues to grow, putting increased pressure on valuable resources, we – as global ‘caretakers’ – must act responsibly and with care to safeguard our planet for future generations. In this topic, we are going to learn about climate change and the vital role that we play in looking after our environment.







We enjoyed working with 'The Prince's Trust to explore the properties of 3D shapes.We learned about Platonic Solids and their association with the Greek mathematician and philosopher Plato. We built our own Platonic Solids and discovered  our ancestors had knowledge of these more than 2000 years before Plato. We made some amazing structures and would like to share them with you below.



We were visited by the famous author Michael Rosen. We learned how emotions play an important part in poetry. He showed us how to create a simple poem by using our emotions and senses. Some of us performed our poems out loud to everybody.




Important information

 Swimming will be every Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure children have their swimming kits in school. Boys need swim trunks, a swim hat and goggles. Girls need a one piece swimming costume, a hat and goggles. All children will need a towel.
Your child will need to bring their PE kit into school every Monday and take it home every Friday to be washed. Your child will need a plain white polo shirt or T-shirt, shorts or plain track suit bottoms in black or navy blue, and plimsoles. Football kits are not appropriate.

Your child is expected to take part in all physical education. If they are not able, for any reason, a doctor’s note must be brought into school.


Now that it is cold, your child needs to be wearing winter uniform for school. Please ensure they are wearing a jumper, shirt and tie. ALL children must come to school with a warm coat.

St Augustine Homework due in 14th July: St Monica can try this too!

Working with The Prince's Trust

Haringey Passports: St Augustine Class

As you will be aware children in St Augustine class attended a special sports day at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre on Thursday 14th May. This special day gave children the opportunity to try out sports they had never done before such as boxing and netball. The class had a wonderful time and one team even won a special award for being the most sporting, supportive and improved team!


However, there was a serious side to the day. There is national concern about the physical health of children and young adults and Haringey Council are making a big effort to encourage children to involve themselves in sporting activities in the hope that physically active children become physically active adults.


Your child was given a special passport to bring home. This passport contains details of local sports clubs offering free or reduced coaching and taster sessions so your child can try them out and, if they like that sport, they can continue with it. There is a page next to the details for each club so your child can collect a stamp for attending (you can even get one yourself if you go along!).


Please encourage and support your child in visiting some of these clubs so they can collect stamps to win special prizes. Of course, the most special prize of all is the healthy, active future which engaging in sport will ensure for your child.


 Please speak to me after school if you need any advice but the details of all the clubs are on the passport itself.




Haringey on a Plate

Haringey council would like your healthy recipes to put into a special recipe book called 'Haringey on a Plate'. If you have a special healthy recipe you would like to share with other families please send it to


with your details. Winners will receive a copy of the book and, of course, your name will be included with your recipe.


Good Luck! 

Homework for St Monica's due in on 02.08.15

St Augustine Homework due in Monday 1st June

Year 5 trip to Pendarren

Young Voices at the O2


Reading in Year 5



We believe that children need to be introduced to a variety of exciting texts in order to not only motivate them to read, but to help improve writing skills, speech and language. Reciprocal teaching helps a child's understanding of texts - both fiction and non-fiction. In daily guided reading sessions, we like to predict, clarify, question and summarize. Children are read to every day. This helps them to relax and enjoy stories and develops listening skills. 
In Year 5, your child chooses which book they would like to take home. They are asked to sign for books they borrow from the classroom. Please help support your child by encouraging them to read at home as well as reading to them regularly.


Our trip to the science museum

What astronauts wear in space
Space food! Eeeew!
Russian Soyuz space capsule
Interactive games
Travelling on the tube

Class Photos

Children organised shapes using Venn diagrams
They categorised them based on their properties
RE: Children thought about looking after our world
Some discussed big changes for the whole world
Others discussed changes they could make at home
They then presented their ideas to the class
Their posters were copied into their books

Celebrating Britain Week: William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings