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St. Monica and St Augustine

Preparation for Year 6:

Take a look at some of these websites which have some fun games and information on some of the things you will be learning in year 6.

Welcome to the Year 5 Page


The year 5 teachers this year are:


Miss Daramola: St Monica 

Mr Crowley: St Augustine


Some reminders and information for the Summer Term:


Uniform: you may now wear summer uniform. Remember that if you are wearing a polo shirt, you do not need a tie. However, if you are wearing a shirt, you still need one. 


PE: PE kit should be brought in on a Monday and taken home on Friday. PE kit should be a plain white shirt and black shorts or the kit provided by Spurs. Footwear should be plimsolls or trainers.


Most pupils have their PE kit in every lesson. Thank you for your support in this.


Homework: this will be handed out every Friday to be done by the following Wednesday. There may be weeks where this changes slightly and we will let you know about this. Each week's homework will be posted here so you can find it if your child loses it or claims not to have any to do!

Could you support us in ensuring that homework is completed on time and to a good standard.


Other home support: apart from weekly homework, your child should be reading at home for at least 20 minutes every night and at least half of this time should be with an adult who can help with understanding and discuss the ideas in the book. Children should also practice their times tables regularly. 


Snacks and packed lunch: children can bring a playtime snack to school. This can be fruit or a cereal bar. In the same way, can you try to ensure that your child's packed lunch is a balanced, healthy meal containing fruit and vegetables/ salad.


Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either of us. The best time to see us is at the end of school at 3:00.




Trips this term:


There will  be a Year 5 trip to the Royal Parks in Central London on 14th July.


We will need parents or carers to come on July 14th. Let us know if you are able to help out.


The letter is below.




Homework will appear here each week.

I.P.C - Global Warming

This term, we will be learning about Global Warming.


Global Warming describes the rising temperature on Earth. The Greenhouse Effect traps heat inside the Earths atmosphere causing the Earth's temperature  to increase.


Design a poster about Global Warming:


  • What causes Global Warming? 
  • What effect does Global Warming have on the planet?
  • What can you do to reduce Global Warming?



Science - Feel The Force


This term, we will be learning about Forces. A force is an action that makes something or someone move. 


Can you identify which force or forces are being used in the following photos? 

We were lucky enough to be able to see the school chickens close up!

Year 5 Enabling Enterprise trip to Grieg City Academy. We had to design and promote a city of the future: these are our models. We came a very creditable third out of eight schools.

Year 5's trip to Pendarren House


Pendarren House is a centre, in Wales, with a range of activities for children to explore and develop personal skills and communication skills.


The activities the children did at Pendarren were;



Climbing and Abseiling


A Coastal Visits

During the activities, the children developed their team skills, by listening to their partners, working together and encouraging each other.


Next term, Year 5 will be looking at Chronology and Timelines. 


Chronology involves putting times in the right order. This is very important when studying history because it helps us to see ‘the big picture’ – to understand the reasons why things have happened and how the present is influenced by the past.


Timelines are a visual way of putting events and people from history in order. They also help us see the difference between the distant and the recent past. We will look at using clues and our knowledge of history to help us order ideas. 


Can you put these buildings in chronological order? 




...or these people?

What about these inventions?



In Science, we will be looking at Animals and their Habitats.




We will need to know how to spell and use the key vocabulary:



adapt and adaptation

predator and prey

food chain


We will learn about the places that animals live and how they are adapted to live there. in addition, we will look at how animal numbers relate to their position in the food chain. For example, why there are lots of zebras and far fewer lions. Finally, we will study the complex ways in which animals rely on each other to survive and how human activity can affect this.

Year 5's Shakespeare Performance of Romeo and Juliet

The performance of Romeo and Juliet on Wednesday 22nd March at The Bernie Grant Arts Centre was an absolute triumph. Five schools combined to present the play and the standard was incredibly high. Your children did you and the school proud and I hope that those of you who went have some memories you will always treasure. We should send huge thanks to Daniel Pollendine ('Dan' to the children) whose direction, creativity and patience made such a fantastic evening possible. These photos show scenes from the play including the famous 'balcony' scene.

World Book Day!

On World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite characters from our favourite books! 

Tower of London Trip: 27th February


Year five visited The Tower of London on Monday. We learned about the amazing story of John Gerard and his escape from the Tower in 1597. During the trip we saw the crown jewels, Henry Vlll's armour and reenacted scenes from the story of John Gerard. You can see some of the things we did below.

Enabling Enterprise Visit to Argent Property Developers

For Spanish day, St Monica's looked at Colombia. We researched facts about the Colombian people and their culture. In class, we drew our own versions of Colombian street art and made Colombian carnival head dresses, using the Colombian flag colours. We also looked at Cali-style Salsa and practised some of the exotic dance moves!

Separating Substances


As part of our science studies we have been exploring how to separate mixtures. In this activity we used different methods to separate a mixture of dry substances such as sand, salt, rocks, marbles and couscous. We used our fingers for the big bits an different sieves to separate the smaller objects. However, we had a problem separating the and and salt because the grains were exactly the same size. In the next lesson we are going to explore ways of achieving this.

Separating Substances

Chemical Reaction Experiment!

In Science, St Monica's carried out an investigation by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate soda. This chemical reaction produced the gas Carbon Dioxide. How fascinating!

St Monica's performance of O Come All Ye Faithful

St Augustine's performance of The Little Drummer Boy



The Daily Mile


We are running every day for fifteen minutes: hopefully covering at least a mile! This will make us fitter, healthier, stronger and, with any luck, better at working in class. 

St Augustine's Wild Boy assembly.


Some images from our rehearsals. Thanks to those of you who could make it. We hope it was a memorable show! 

A Visit from The Mounted Police

Skipping Day


Lizzie Cox came in to deliver a day of skipping workshops last week. St Augustine class learned all sorts of amazing tricks: just look at some of these pictures!

Bread Making


As a reward for achieving 100% attendance, St Augustine had a special bread making session with the school's head chef.

It was harder work than we thought! These pictures show some of our designs.