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St. Monica and St Augustine

Welcome to the Year Five Class Page


Teachers:                 St Augustine    Mr Crowley

                                 St Monica        Mr Booth


Important Dates for your diary this Term:


23rd July: FlashMob Dance at Alexandra Palace (information below: a letter will be sent nearer the time)



Year 5 Expectations

Year 5 is an exciting and important year at St Paul’s and All Hallows’. 

The children are working towards Year 6, where they will sit their KS2 national SAT tests. All children will be tested on their times tables as part of their SATs. As such, students will expected to know all tables up to 12x12.

In Upper KS2 there is a higher expectation from teachers that children become more responsible for their own learning and more mature around school as they model positive behaviour for the younger children they come into contact with each day.  Please remind your child of this so they understand this responsibility.

Good learning behaviour is expected from all children at all times, as time spent out of class is detrimental to your child’s learning at this key time.


Attendance and Punctuality: Your child’s attendance in school has a direct impact on learning. Children should be in the playground and lined up for collection by 8:50 a.m. If your child is absent for any reason, you will need to notify the school either by a telephone call or a letter. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing cooperation and support. 

Engagement: The basic expectation is that all children will try their best in each subject and take an active engagement with their learning across all subject disciplines.

Reading: Every child is expected to read for at least 20 minutes each day at home. You can help your child by questioning them on what they are reading to show and extend their understanding. This will encourage them to read and develop a deeper, lifelong love of reading.

Correct equipment and uniform: Children must be prepared for each school day. This includes wearing correct uniform every day. PE kits are brought in to school on Monday and taken home again on Friday. If you child needs glasses to correct vision, it is expected they wear them and they are not left in bags.

Homework: Is set on Friday and must be completed by Monday. Children must attempt the homework that has been set. This is a non-negotiable.


In addition, we do encourage children to carry out their own work or research around a topic at home and bring it in to show us.

It is important for children to practise cursive script, spellings and times tables at home daily.                                                                            


If parents and carers can engage with their children and ask them about their school day, by getting them to explain what they have learned, this quickly tells you if they understand their learning.


The Year Five team will be doing our very best to ensure that your child has a positive and enjoyable learning experience this year, and by the end of the summer term, are as prepared and equipped for life in Year Six as can be


Kind regards

Mr Booth and Mr Crowley.

“I have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn't be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.” ― Roald Dahl

St Monica's classtrip Mon 18/07/'16

Buckingham Palace

We are continuing to read |Floodland, both in class and at home.

This week’s spellings have been chosen by some of the children and myself, because they’re words we’ve noticed lots of us make mistakes with. These spellings will be tested on Friday 15th July..

  • favourite
  • colour
  • excited
  • excellent
  • different
  • altogether
  • absolutely
  • definitely
  • necessarily
  • minutes


Mr Booth

In maths today, we had a really good, challenging question. Using your knowledge of time and multiplication , can you tell us how many days, ( rounded to the nearest whole number) will a baby be when they have lived for one million seconds?


Answers (with working out) in to Mr Booth and Mr Crowley on Monday 11th July.

Year 5 Trip to Central London


Year 5 will be going on their final trip of the year on Monday 18th July. We will be visiting Green Park and St James' Park. We will take in some of the local sights including the War Memorials and Buckingham Palace, looking at some of the wildlife to be found in the parks and having a picnic.


A letter will be sent out shortly with all the details.


Both classes will need parents to come along on the day so if you are able to do so, could you indicate on the letter when it comes home.




The Months of the Year


It seems that both classes in Year 5 struggle to remember some common time concepts. For those of you unaware of how many days there are in a particular month, learn this mnemonic rhyme to remember the lengths of the months in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.


Thirty days hath September,

April, June, and November.

All the rest have thirty-one,

Except for February alone,

Which hath but twenty-eight days clear,

And twenty-nine in each leap year.

St Monica class photo of our trip to Alexandra Palace.

Orienteering at Alexandra Palace.

Spellings - ei words

This week, we have a combination of words with ei in:


conceive deceive receive ceiling perceive

ascent weird  receipt conceit neighbour


These spellings will be tested on Friday 08th July. Spelling should be practiced at least four times a week for about ten minutes each time and we’ve created lots of different ways to practice spelling while in class which children can use at home.


Posted by Mr Booth on 03rd July 2016

Maths homework to be completed and handed in for Monday 4th July

Maths homework to be completed and handed in for Monday 20th June

The Children's University

Well done to all the boys and girls of Year 5, who went to attend their graduation ceremony through The Children’s University with Miss Scantlebury at Middlesex University's Hendon campus on Thursday 16th June. The charity encourages all children aged 5 to 14 years to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills through participation in innovative and creative learning activities outside of the school day. Hopefully the children who graduated will have acquired a taste for further and higher education, with many of them planning on a university life in the not so distant future.

Streetz ahead FLASHMOB! Alexandra Palace Saturday July 23rd 2016

Streetz Ahead FlashMob: July 23rd

Streetz Ahead are teaching the biggest child flashmob to be performed at the Alexandra Palace Summer Festival this year. 

They have taught over 4000 children from Haringey Schools including YOUR SCHOOL.  

Your child has been learning a flashmob dance once a week in school to the greatest hits of the past decades. 

So please save the date and bring along your blankets and picnics and join us for this amazing event. Here are the details:  

Saturday 23rd July 

Registration and meet at 1.00pm lower field accessible from North View Road, N8 (Next to Campsbourne Primary School). 

Flashmob at 2pm and 3pm 

Please bring water and snacks.

This is a FREE event as part of the Alexandra Palace Summer Festival. 

The event happens all over Alexandra Palace and there are many other exciting things happening including silent cinema, gigantic slide, food, music and stages. 

A letter with more details will be coming to you soon.

For more information contact 

07956 987 387 

St Monica class assembly script

Half-term holiday homework to be completed for Monday 6th June 2016

Floodlands chapter 1

St Augustine class assembly


Please try to come to our assembly  on Wednesday 11th May starting at 9:10 (try to get here for 9:05 so we can start on time).

The assembly will be all about the Vikings, who they were and their effect on English history and the history of Europe. We hope to show that the Vikings were more than just vicious warriors who sailed round in boats making people miserable. Come and find out what we have learned.

Topics for the first half of the Summer Term


Our IPC topic will be all about The Vikings. We will be looking at them in more detail, finding out about their travels and the reasons they had for leaving their home in Scandinavia, and learning about their influence on Britain and Europe.


In science, we will be learning about habitats and adaptation. Key questions we will be asking include:

  • Why do animals live where they do?
  • How are animals adapted to live where they do?
  • Why are there so many herbivores compared with carnivores?
  • What role do fungi and bacteria play in the food cycle?
  • Why does damaging an animal's habitat mean the animal can be threatened with extinction?


In RE we will be learning about leadership and the qualities required to be a religious leader.


PE this term has a gymnastics focus: some of the balances and sequences the classes are learning can be practiced at home! Ask your child.


The Tempest: Thursday March 23rd at Park View

The performance of The Tempest on Wednesday evening was an enormous success. The actors from all the schools involved were magnificent and your children really stood out. The level of acting was hugely impressive and showed those who regard Shakespeare as something best left to older children that anyone can tackle his plays as long as they have the correct attitude and perseverance.

Mr Booth and Mr Crowley would like to thank all the children who took part and especially those who devoted long evenings to learning their lines so well. Thanks also to the parents and family members for supporting them throughout the process. Have a look at the images below which show these talented young performers in action.


St Augustine kensington Palace Visit: St Augustine class braved the cold to travel to Kensington Palace. Watch out for the project work we will be doing which will be based on our observations of the house and gardens.

PE Kit reminders



Please ensure that your child brings in their P.E. kit every Monday and keeps it at school until Friday


St Monica have P.E. on Tuesday and Friday, and St Augustine have P.E. on Wednesday and Friday. They also have a dance lesson every Monday.


Some children are taking PE kits home during the week, despite almost constant reminders that they are to be brought in on Monday and stay in school until Friday.


If PE kits are returned home in between each session, this increases the risk of your child forgetting their kit later on in the week, as has happened recently. This means that when a child is not attired appropriately for lessons, letters reminding parents and carers of their responsibilities will be issued.


As the weather is quite cold at the moment, we advise that children bring in tracksuit bottoms as well as shorts. The Spurs kit each child was given last year is recommended for PE. failing that, they should wear a white, plain t-shirt. Footwear can be trainers but plimsolls are better for gym and dance work.


Thank you for you support,


The Year 5 team.

Welcome back to what will be a very busy term for everyone in Year 5.

We have lots of new work planned for this term and you can help your children with some of this at home.

In science we are continuing to study changing materials and will be looking at happens when we mix or heat different substances. At home it would be great if you could take the time to cook and prepare food with your child so they could see what happens when food ingredients are mixed and the changes that happen when they are actually cooked.


In IPC, we will be studying rivers. We will be leaning about the rivers of the UK and the world, the reasons people have always lived near rivers, the names for the parts of a river, how rivers affect the land and, importantly, how people affect the rivers they rely on. Any extra research done at home would be welcomed.


Could we ask you to keep on top of your child's reading. We noticed last term that some children were not bringing their home school reading book in to be changed and, when it was changed, that quite a few children had not actually read the books at all. Remember that your child MUST read for twenty minutes a day at home and should read and finish the books thy take home. You an help by reading with your child or by testing them on the pages they claim to have read which should be at least ten pages in twenty minutes. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 


Finally, could we remind you that PE kit should be brought in on Monday and taken home on Friday. A few children had no kit in school last week and missed their lesson as a result. 


As ever, both of us are available after school if you wish to speak to us about your child. Parents Evening is on January 18th after school so we can have a longer chat. Make your appointment today so you get the time you require.


Happy New Year

Mr Booth and Mr Crowley





What happened when we mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda: the balloon filled up with carbon dioxide. Try it at home!

Year 5 Visit to Westminster Abbey


The trip was a huge success. Thank you to the children of both classes who showed excellent behaviour both on the long journey and during the tour of the abbey. They were a credit to you and to the school. The children's' knowledge and positive learning behaviour was commented on by the guides who took them round the Abbey.

Venus and Mars are visible in the South early on clear mornings. They are the two bright 'stars' in this picture. They look MUCH brighter in real life. See if you can spot them.

'Behind Sacred Doors' St Monica class photo

A couple of reminders for parents and children:



PE kit should be in school every day. PE days for St Monica are Tuesday and Friday and for St Augustine, Wednesday and Friday. However, if kit is in school every day, it will be available should a lesson need to be swapped for some reason.


Reading is part of homework. Your child needs to be reading every day for at least 20 minutes and they would benefit greatly if you could find the time to read with them and discuss their books. Some children are not reading the books they are bringing home and they are often those students most in need of practice. Please make sure your child is reading every day.


Pupils are making great progress with their tables so thank you for your support in this. However, students still need to practice. I have attached a list below of the sort of questions that knowing tables can support. Maybe you could practice these with your child: speak to Mr Crowley or Mr Booth if you want any advice.


Thanks for your continued support,


The Year Five Teachers