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St. Monica and St. Augustine

Welcome to our Year 5 Webpage!

St MonicaMiss Moncrieff
St Augustine - Mr Sinclair

Dates to remember...
St Monica Class assembly Wednesday 26th June 2013


In R.E we have been learning about great leaders and

historical figures that have changed the world.  

We all agreed that this was a wonderful quote.







I.P.C and Science

This half term our I.P.C  topic is ‘Climate Control' We will be learning about how our planet's climate is changing and the effects of global warming, both on humans and the natural environment. We will also be learning about the impact of human activity on our environments, both on a local and global scale. This links into our new science topic, 'Gases around us', where we will simulate the greenhouse effect and plan and conduct experiments into the properties of gases.


The children will cover aspects of number including multiples of 10-100 and 100-10,000, comparing and ordering numbers, recognising and explaining sequences and patterns and understanding the concept of a remainder when dividing. This term they will build upon their fraction knowledge through the introduction of improper fractions and mixed numbers and will become more confident at recognising equivalent fractions. The children will also look at properties of 2D and 3D shapes, such as equal sides and angles and symmetry.


The expectation on children in Year 5 to know and become more confident in the use of their tables, (up to their 10x) as this is crucial if they are to become confident and able mathematicians. Please give as much support, regularly, to your child at home, particularly when it comes to the learning of these tables! Link this support to everyday calculations with money, time, cooking, measure, estimates and of course the use of a calculator for the more difficult calculations!


Putting theory into practice is a very important aspect of numeracy! It makes it all the more purposeful and meaningful for your child. We will study problem solving linked throughout the curriculum.


Children will use Word, Power Point and Publisher to present work across the curriculum and apply their skills of editing, copying and pasting both text and images. They will use information and imagery from the Internet to enhance presentations and will refine their ability to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources.
We are starting to use the ipads to enhance our ICT learning. 

Check out the year 5 bloggers!


In year 5, you will usually be set two pieces of homework each week. One piece of homework will be maths.This homework will normally be set on a Friday and should be handed in no later than Wednesday. A written copy of the homework instructions will be handed out in class each Friday. The homework will be posted on this web page each Monday. If you can't find the homework on the web page, please let your year 5 teacher know.



Anansi does the dougie
The birds fly in to steal Anansi's food.
Anansi and the pot of hot pepper soup
St Monica's class working as a team!
When we work as team we can achieve anything!
Creating our new classroom display (Feelings).
What angle have I made?
Feelings - Knowing Ourselves (entry point).
We are great dancers!
Haringey Shed workshop dance.
We had a class dance off
Group Shapes... What object have we made?
 Enjoying our new playground equipment
Tower of London
Posing for our photos at the Tower
Tower of London
Tower of London
Tower of London
Tower of London
Tower of London
Tower of London
Working as a team to draw Stanley.
Drumming workshop. (Black History event)
Holding the Olympic Torch