School closes for summer on Thursday 16th July. Please come and collect your children’s reports and books before then :)
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St. Monica and St. Augustine

Welcome to St. Monica and St. Augustine

Our new IPC topic is 'Climate Control',  we will be learning about some of the problems our planet faces. Global warming is a much debated topic at the moment and we will be investigating the causes and results of man's actions on our planet. 

Our new science topic will be 
'Gases Around Us'.                    


Useful websites for our I.P.C and science topics






Reading in Year 5


In Year 5 your child will take part in a range of whole class, group and individual reading activities. In Year 5, children should be able to read with fluency, accuracy and understanding. They should be able to respond to a wide range of texts, including both fiction and non-fiction, referring to the text to support their views.


Reading is probably one of the most important skills your child will learn in primary school. Please help your child spend 10-15 mins reading/or being read to every day; it will help them become excellent readers, writers and thinkers. It's only a small amount of time but it will make a HUGE difference.

Thank you for your continuing support with your  child's reading.






   Times Tables   



In Year 5, children should be able to rapidly recall multiplication facts up to 10 x 10, their corresponding division facts and facts involving decimals. It is useful to learn the tables in the following order:





PE kits need to be brought in on a Monday and left in school all week. It should be taken home and washed on a Friday. The timetabled PE lesson will take place on Friday. As a reminder the PE kit is made up of: black plimsolls or trainers, a plain white t-shirt (no writing or pictures please) and plain shorts. Children should not be bringing football kits in for PE!

Year five will be swimming this term on Thursday mornings. 

Making our way to the Science Museum
One of the exhibits was shocking!
We needed a volunteer for this experiment
Spinning plate investigation
There were lots of challenges to try!
Build a bridge that the ship can fit under
Lots of concentration needed for this challenge!
Mmm... What do we do here?
Perfect counter balance!
Task complete! Now to test our bridge...
This overhang challenge required steady hands
What can you hear?
Investigating perpetual motion
My very own bridge!
Science is fun
Team work is required here!
Testing the effectiveness of pullies
3D shape building
Sorting 3D shapes into a Venn diagram
3D shape sorting
Presenting our research to the class
What do you know about the I.S.S?
Each group had to work together
We have worked as a team to complete the challenge
Place your tetrahedron on your head!
This requires lots of concentration
Architecture Workshop
Architecture Workshop 'Tripod Making
Measuring the diameter of our craters
Conducting an experiment together!