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Important Information

Curriculum for Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 4!


Hello! My name is Mrs Adeoshun and I will be teaching your child this year. On this page, you will find information about what we will be focusing on in class. Furthermore, important notices and dates can also be found so do keep an eye open!



Below you will find an email address you or your parents can use if you want to contact me with any questions you might have about your work. It might be about how to do something or checking if you have done it properly. Please email me from your parent/carers account and not from your own personal address.


If you need to contact the school about anything else, do not use this address: ring the school in the usual way.


In year 4, children have the exciting opportunity of learning the guitar. Sessions will take place every Tuesday afternoon.


Image result for classical guitar




Other important information


Year 4 have regular PE sessions throughout the week. Please ensure that your child comes in their full PE kit on Tuesday and Wednesday. 



Homework and spellings

Homework will now be online and  not handed out to children as before. Every Friday new home work will appear here for children to complete.  Some home work will be on going like the times table. Please ensure your child/children  complete all homework given. All login passwords will be given to your child.

The Homework for 17th September 2020


1 ) Practise your multiplication tables.


2) Open this link to read a book online.



3)Login into purple mash and practise converting to number 10,000 under the 7-9.

In case login to the purple mash doe not work, kindly do the homework below with your child.

Home Maths - Parents to help!

1.  Help your child to write in numbers by doing this:

six thousand       two hundred    and   five

     6000         +           200             +       5           =  6205


Any four digit number will do.


2.  Help your child to see which digit changes when you count on by adding 1,  10,  100  or 1000.

For example, when we count on in hundreds, the hundreds digit changes. We add 100 to get the next number:


4535,   4635,   4735.......


+100    +100   +100


In some cases, other digits can change too. For example, when we add 100 to 4935, we get 5035. Here both the hundreds and thousands digits change.

Work through lots of examples and have fun!