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St. Martin de Porres and St. Martha

Welcome to year 4:

Miss McNicholas and Mrs Crook


Important Information




Please make sure your child brings in a P.E. kit on the Monday and brings these home to be washed on Friday. (Blue/black shorts or tracksuit bottoms, white P.E. top and trainers/plimsoles) 


Saint Martha will have guitar lessons on Monday and Saint Martin De Porres will have wind lessons on Thursday. Can you please make sure that if your child brings their instrument home that they bring it back in on the days that they are needed.


Year 4's homework is given out on Friday and is due in latest the following Wednesday. Please remind your children to do their homework or they will be asked to attend Homework Club during Thursday playtime after lunch, in order to finish it. 


Our new IPC topic


Our new IPC topic is called 'The Generation Game - Young and Old'. No matter who we are, we all have one thing in common – we are growing older every day. Thanks to advances in health, science and medical care, most people can now expect to live longer than at any time before in history. However, with this comes a great responsibility. Not only must we take better care of ourselves, we must also take care of others, ensuring that our society respects and values everyone, regardless of their age. This topic will remind us how we must respect and care for everybody in our society and other societies around the world. We will also be looking at the beautiful words of any international agreement called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These are promises to everyone. They are the economic, social, political, cultural and civil rights that underpin a life free from want and fear.


Image result for human rights images




We believe reading is essential. It will not only help us in daily life, but it is also enjoyable!

Here are some good reasons why it is important to read or be read to;

  • Reading opens up a whole new world of understanding and comprehension of the world around us and increases our knowledge. We read a range of news articles so we understand what is happening around us.
  • Reading takes us to places we have never been before and enhances our imagination. We like to listen to stories and feel what it is like to become a character in a different setting.We recently listened to a story about 'The Great Fire Of London' and could re-live the emotions of all the different characters. See our pictures below.




Hearing about the fire                Crouching from the flames             Pointing to our escape route


We have a diverse range of books to support your child's reading within the school, and we hope this will enable your child to experience a range of authors and styles of books. In terms of reading, we want children to be able to :

  • Enjoy reading and see it as a pleasurable leisure activity, as well as a means of following instructions and finding things out.  
  • Have the reading skills necessary to read a range of text types for pleasure and for information.

To be confident and competent readers children need to have access to a range of reading experiences. This includes reading as much as possible at home. Most children will be responsible for selecting their own reading book and changing these when they are finished. 


 We have made our reading area comfortable. It is a place where we can read peacefully and enjoy different types of books.





Celebrating reading through dance


We celebrated reading through dance when interpreting 'The Fall of the Iron Man'. This was a dance sequence based on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. See our pictures below.


Tottering on the edge of the cliff   

Tottering on the cliff edge          Falling headfirst                       The Iron Man's hand




The clouds wheeling across        The sea 'bubbling and boiling'    The Iron Man's eye between

the sky                                                                                   two gulls



The Iron Man's hand finds his eye 

Year 4's Library visit- World Book Week

West End In Schools Workshop- World Book Week

Trip to the Tower Of London


We enjoyed visiting the Tower of London where we learned about the Jesuit priest John Gerard and his amazing escape from The Salt Tower during the reign of Queen Elizabeth l.




Guarding the crown jewels          In The Armoury                         



Meeting John Gerard's jailer



Year 4's Spanish Day

Year 4's skipping workshop

No pen day

We took part in activities all day where we did not pick up a pen! In maths, we used and applied our knowledge of polygons by sorting them into Venn diagrams. See our pictures below.




Sorting polygons         Which triangle to choose?      Placing shapes 


We listened to the story of Florence Nightingale through headphones. We experienced how she may have felt when treating injured soldiers during the Crimean war. We could act out her thoughts and emotions.



Hearing news about       I can do something            Treating the              Sheltering from          Writing notes about

the wounded soldiers     to help                              wounded                  explosions                 how to improve

                                                                                                                                         the  lives of the soldiers                                                                                    


We have been looking at 3D shapes and can talk about their properties. As a class, St Martin de Porres built 3D shapes out of cocktail sticks. We discussed the number of faces each shape had and what sort of face these were. We could also say how many edges and vertices our shapes had. 



Building a cuboid                              A hexagonal prism                         Completed hexagonal prism





A tetrahedron                                   Completed shapes including               

                                                       a triangular prism







Year 4 using our new literacy resource to live the story 'The fire of London'

St Martin de Porres enjoy learning how to clap to a beat and dance to a rhythm. We enjoy learning to play the clarinet and trumpet.

Homework for Year 4


Your child has been given a homework pack to complete over the summer holidays. It has work that we have been learning throughout the year as well as simple fun activities.