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St. Francis

Welcome to Year 2

St Francis Class

Class Teacher: Miss Groom


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Homework and Spelling 

To complete the Maths place value task. Please see below. 

PE kits need to be brought to school every Monday and taken home and washed on a Friday. That way kits will always be available when they are needed.


Spellings are given every Friday. Please learn these for a test the following Friday. 


Reading books are changed weekly.  Please read with your child each night and ensure reading books are always in your child’s book bag when they come to school.


Homework is also given on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday morning. Please see the class teacher if you have any questions about the homework. Please see the attachment for this weeks homework.


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In Year 2 your child should be gaining/gained a good knowledge of their numbers. They need to be secure with their 2's, 5's and 10's times tables and by the end of Year 2 their 3 times tables to. They also need to be able to count and write numbers to 100. 


Big Read

We carry out Big read which means as a class we share the same book and have lots of fun task and have discussions. Our Big Read text this term is Ice Bear by Nicola Davies.


Guided Reading

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We now take part in Guided Reading, with this your children are in smaller groups and they will take part in different activities daily. Examples of theses include:

Reading with Teacher

Reading with TA

Free reading


Listening station

Phonics activities





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In English we will be focusing on punctuation and learning how to include these in our writing.


Capital letters     - ABC


Full Stops  -     .


Exclamation Marks  -    !


Question Marks    -   ?


Commas     -     ,


Speech Marks  -   "        "



Our History Topic this term is 'Our Community!'


In history we will be taking a look at our local community and we will learn about the local history all around where we live. We will specifically focus on buildings that have undergone the most change such as The Tottenham Stadium SPURs. 


Our Geography Topic this term is 'The United Kingdom'

In Geography we will be locating and identifying the United Kingdom on a World map, identifying the four countries that make up the UK along with the capital cities of each place and what continent it is apart of. We will also look at our own area of Tottenham and look closely at it's physical features. 



In science our topic this term is Living things and their habitat.


We will learn about different types of creatures and their habitats. 


Learning Links

The below website links are useful websites that the children can use at home to support their learning.