School closes for summer on Thursday 16th July. Please come and collect your children’s reports and books before then :)
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St. Elizabeth and St.Martin

Welcome to St. Elizabeth and St.Martin   


St Elizabeth's class- Ms Mary and Mr Kevin 

St Martin's class- Miss Thompson, Miss Ewa, Miss Elaine and Miss Sylvi

This term our IPC topic is Houses and Homes.
During this topic the children will be finding out about all kinds of different homes and, through activities, the children will learn about diversity. The children will play together in the home corner.
Through the 'Little Pigs' story we will explore various materials used for building houses and make models of our own homes.
We will also be learning about different animals and their habitats.

Our RE topic is Festivals and Celebrations. Please talk to your child about these topics at home.  We will be focusing on Easter, Baptism and Marriage as well as stories with morals. 

St Elizabeth's and St Martin's classes have PE on Wednesdays. There will also be a dance session in the week. PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD'S PE KIT (white T shirt, blue shorts and plimsoles) on Monday and take home on Friday to wash. 
Please ensure all items of clothing are labelled clearly to avoid any confusion.

Please remember that our reading day is Friday, book bags need to be returned on Thursday so we can change books. It is very important that your child has the opportunity to read to their teacher. Please do not forget to write a comment in their record book and return the books so they can be changed weekly. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT SEEING ALL BOOKS BEING RETURNED ON A THURSDAY, WE WANT TO HEAR THE PROGRESS YOUR CHILD HAS MADE AT HOME WITH THEIR PRACTICE.


Class Fund will be collected at the beginning of every term. This money will be used to buy little extras such as cooking ingredients and playdough ingredients. 

Please continue to help your child practice their sounds and phase words. We are now focusing on using our sounds to make words and sentences. In mathematics we will be looking at doubling and halving. Please try and reinforce this at home through practical activities, such as weighing ingredients, chopping fruit and sharing pizza. 



We made biscuits for Valentines Day
Prams are for children not just dolls!
Having lunch in our cafe.
How fast can these cars travel?
Having fun with the train set.
"I'm blowing bubbles."
Growing Cress
"I can add 10 + 9."
"I'm counting all the cups.
"We're builders building a house."
Going to space!
 Making enclosures
" I'm stirring in the flour.
Baking cake
"I made a house for the giraffe.
"I made a flower with the chalk
"You can hear the beach."
"I put in the soil."
"I put water all over the seeds so they can grow
"I put seeds in the soil."
Watering cress
 "I watered the seeds".