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St. Elizabeth and St. Martin

Welcome to Reception

St Martin: Class teacher - Miss Thompson
 Additional adult - Miss Ewa

St Elizabeth: Class teacher- Miss Nadia
 Additional adult- Miss Barbara


This term our IPC topic is 'Treasure'.

The children are going to learn about all kinds of treasure

They will:

• Go on a treasure hunt

• Make a collection of jewels and other precious things

• Make a pirate boat

• Play with pirate ships in the water tray

• Listen to stories and sing songs about pirates and ships

• Learn about islands and make their own

• Count the coins in the treasure chest

The children will look at maps, globes and atlases to find islands all over the world. They will learn about the features of tropical islands and discuss those which they may have visited or lived on.

They will work collaboratively during the treasure hunt and develop respect for each other’s feelings when sharing their personal treasure.

Reception's PE day will be on Thursday. There are still some children that do not bring their PE kit. All children need to bring in their PE kits on Monday and take it home on Friday to wash. Some children's clothing are still not labelled, this makes dressing very difficult and causes a lot of confusion.


Children are given new books to read and key words to learn weekly. Please take the time to read with your child, as this will help them to progress. If you have any questions about reading please speak to the class teacher. Children should bring in their book bags every day so we can listen to your child read and change their books accordingly.  


If you would like to make a donation to your child's class fund, it is £5 per a term. All donations are highly appreciated, as this money helps to pay for additional extras such as ingredients for play dough and cooking.

Picture 1 Playing in the sand.
Picture 2 Constructing a family of giraffes.
Picture 3 "I can pour the water into this bottle
Picture 4 We love ironing
Picture 5 "I made a car.
Picture 6 Playing on the rocker.
Picture 7 Great balancing
Picture 8 Amazing cycling!
Picture 9 Sharing a book with a friend.
Picture 10 ""I can write my numbers."
Picture 11 Quiet reading
Picture 12 Getting busy in the outdoors
Picture 13 Walking on stilts isn't easy.
Picture 14 Ordering numbers to 20
Picture 15 ""Holla, Spanish time!"
Picture 16 "It's a cherry tree."
Picture 17 We are learning to write our names.
Picture 18 Be careful not to fall off!
Picture 19 Role Play - The Billy Goats Gruff
Picture 20 We love to read
Picture 21 Independent writing
Picture 22 Traffic jam!
Picture 23 What number is it?
Picture 24 Quick, call a vet!
Picture 25 Hand me the scalpel!
Picture 26 What a busy day
Picture 27 Hello, how can I help you?
Picture 28 On safari
Picture 29 I see a hippo!
Picture 30 We have a snake like Mrs Easton.
Picture 31 Number time
Picture 32 Role Play - David and Goliath
Picture 33 Role Play - The Three Little Pigs
Picture 34 Who's been eating my porridge?
Picture 1 Planting cress
Picture 2 Jackson Pollock
Picture 1 What time is it Mr Wolf?
Picture 2 Is it hometime?
Picture 3 Look what I made!
Picture 4
Picture 5 Great balancing!
Picture 1 Spurs Day
Picture 2 Spurs Day
Picture 3 Spurs Day
Picture 4 We learnt about Judaism.
Picture 5 Mrs Yardley showed us Jewish hand washing ritual.
Picture 6 Baptism
Picture 7 Parents and Godparents.
Picture 8 Around the font.
Picture 9 The family together around the font.
Picture 10 Blessing the baby.
Picture 11 We were in the desert.
Picture 12 In the rainforest.
Picture 13 We held a cockroach!
Picture 14 Help!
Picture 15 Alfred the corn snake.

Treasure IPC Parent Letter