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St. Elizabeth and St. Martin

Welcome to the Reception webpage!

St Elizabeth - Mrs Lawrence &
                  Ms Mary Essel Mensah

 St Martin - Miss Thompson & 
                Ms Stephanie Christodoulou


This term our IPC topic will be 'Let's get Moving - The Olympics'.
We will be learning about the history of the Olympics and the importance of being healthy through exercise and eating a healthy diet.


In RE we will be continuing our discussions about the celebration and meaning of Marriage. 
We will learn what happens at a wedding and dress up for our own class wedding.

Class Assemblies

Thank you to all those parents who attended the class assemblies! We were delighted to see you all! 


Trips to Clacton   


Monday 24th June - St Martin's
Tuesday 25th June - St Elizabeth's

If you would like to volunteer as a helper, please speak to your child's class teacher.
For additional information please see the letters attached below.


Please make sure reading books, record books and phase words are in school on your child's reading day. This is important, as it contributes to your child making progress in reading and writing.


 Library books will be changed weekly.


Please try and make time to read together and to practise your child's phase words at home . Thank you

The dog is at the vets!
Improving balance and co-ordination.
Concentrating on shape puzzles!
We melted chocolate to make cakes.
Reading together in the book corner.
Drawing fruit. (
What number is your house? (
Building a boat outside.
This is a block of flats.
Building a house.
We practice writing our name every day!
We have been learning to add objects
What animals live on a farm
We are learning to spell lots of different words!
Painting sea creatures.
Pirate Ship
"Which way should I go?
Counting treasure
"Ahoy there matey"
Walking the Plank
Sharing treasure.
Enjoying a range of books and stories.
"My cress is tall."
Planting Cress
"We planted cress in soil
Look at our cress
"I planted cress in a potato
"My potato has long hair!"
"We put the egg and cress in the bread
 "We helped to butter the bread
"We made egg and cress sandwiches."
"Our sandwiches were delicious.
"Who is the shortest?"
"I found the small one and the tall one."
"This is the shortest flower."
"I found the shortest and tallest one
Some of these are the same.
We found out the meaning of our names.
We wrote about the story 'Jasper's Beanstalk
We used pastels to draw pictures of flowers
Come and buy some flowers
Welcome to our 'Garden Centre'
Our Cress Diary.
Our pictures of blossom.
Learning to write different word
We like listening to stories and music.
Fantastic caterpillar!!!
We are learning to read!
We are learning to read!