School Closure - COVID 19 - Please see class web pages for daily home learning. We remain open for our key worker children.
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St. Cyprian and St.Teresa

Our new topics for the second half of the summer term are Gateways to the world: Airports in IPC and Helping Plants Grow Well in Science.

Both classes, St Cyprian and St Teresa have P.E on Tuesdays. Please ensure your child has their P.E. kit. Swimming this half term is on Monday afternoon, so please ensure your child has a swimming costume and a towel. The girls will also need to wear a swimming hat.

Here are some websites you can access in order to further extend your children's learning.

Encourage your child to keep their maths skills sharp, by practising their multiplication tables regularly. 

It is very important that children are reading on a regular basis at home. In order to help improve your child's reading and comprehension, it is a good idea to discuss the book with them, and pose some questions regarding the plot and characters. 

Homework is given on Fridays and is expected back the following Wednesday. Please encourage your child to complete homework on time.

Should you have any concerns or queries please feel free to speak to us after school. 

Miss Hayley & Mrs De Souza
Picture 1 The class showed time zones in different places
Picture 2 Behind Greenwich Mean Time
Picture 3 Ahead of Greenwich Mean Time
Picture 4 The class went to a local shop and bought some Tur
Picture 5 They tasted the food they had purchased
Picture 6 They tried Turkish delight, hummus, finger cakes.
Picture 7 Ricotta cheese, olives, biscuits and dates
Picture 8 Some said they would like to go back again to try
Picture 9 Numeracy Problem Solving Group Activity
Picture 10 Look at these fossils!
Picture 11 We loved looking at all sorts of fossils
Picture 12 fossils at the Natural History Museum
Picture 13 What a massive diplodocus!
Picture 14 with the big cats at the Natural History Museum
Picture 15 astonished by the elephants
Picture 16 What makes a good Father
Picture 17 Light of the World Prayers
Picture 18 Jesus' Temptations
Picture 19 We dressed up for World Book Day: Blue Table (
Picture 20 Red Table- book characters
Picture 21 Yellow and Green Tables book characters
Picture 22 Purple Table- book characters
Picture 23 Orange Table- book characters
Picture 24 Brown Table- book characters
Picture 25 Looking closely with a magnifying lens
Picture 26 We watched as we dropped water on the rocks (
Picture 27 We worked cooperatively in our teams
Picture 28 We measured the water accurately
Picture 29 How does the rock feel?
Picture 30 Measuring the amount of water
Picture 31 We described the appearance & texture of the rock
Picture 32 We coloured in the drawings of rocks
Picture 33 We explained what we observed
Picture 34 We drew close-up drawings of the rocks
Picture 35 What sort of particles are these rocks made up of?
Picture 36 Are the particles of the rock smooth or sharp
Picture 37 Are the particles of the rock big or small?
Picture 38 Taking care of our teeth
Picture 39 Learning how to brush our teeth correctly
Picture 40 Fitted comfortably in our completed tetrahedron
Picture 41 Filling up our tetrahedron
Picture 42 more team work
Picture 43 Listening attentively to instructions
Picture 44 Start with a triangle
Picture 45 Great team work
Picture 46 We fit in our tetrahedro
Picture 47 Using a stethoscope
Picture 1 Team games in Bruce Castle Park
Picture 2 Can I hear your heartbeat?
Picture 3 Doctor listens to patient's heartbeat