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St. Cyprian and St. Teresa

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page!

                                                       Year 3 teachers Mrs De Souza and Miss Moncrieff


On this page you will be able to see what we have been learning about in class, find useful links to websites and see examples and pictures of work we have been doing. This page will be regularly updated so watch this space!


Both teachers have been extremely impressed with how hard the children are working.  We are aiming to be the best year in the school!



Literacy: Mystery and Adventure Stories

We have begun our new literacy topic by starting to read a selection of short adventure stories. During this unit the children will be given the opportunity to plan and write their own short stories. We have lots of talented writers in year 3, so I can't wait to read what they come up with!



R.E:Mock Baptism 


Father Robert poured water on the baby's forehead.
Anointing the baby with the oil of salvation
Father Robert blessing the holy water
Baptism candle represents the light of Christ .



Our topic for the second half of Summer Term is 'Airports- Gateways to the World'.

In maths we have learnt to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and to compare and order fractions.

Useful websites...


Reading at home is one the most important things you can do with your child and it would be beneficial for your child if you could invest 15-20 minutes a day with them. It's important to discuss what's going on in the book as well as just hearing them read. This will develop their comprehension skills. Please remember to send back reading books everyday and to sign reading records. 

In class we have daily guided reading sessions and hear children read as much as possible.


Homework should be handed back by 
Wednesday and will be given out each Friday. Homework books should be kept inside your child's school bag and brought in everyday. If your child needs extra support the class teacher will place additional homework tasks to be completed. 


Our current Science topic is Light and Shadows. We have learnt that darkness is the absence of light and that shadows are formed when an object blocks the light from a source. We will be carrying out investigations on how shadows change.


Useful website:






A determined hedgehog in our class assembly skit
Max crosses the road at the zebra crossing.
investigating sugar content
investigating salt content
feeling the heartbeat
participating in the drumming workshop
showing a good sense of rhythm
Using drama to help us understand a story
Using the greater than and less than symbol
Representing numbers in different ways
Place value problem solving
Partner work on place value