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St. Cyprian and St. Teresa

Welcome to Year 3

The teachers are Ms Goringe, Ms McDonald  and Mrs De Souza.


Important information:


We expect every child to bring in their P.E. kit on Monday and take it home each Friday, as they may have P.E. any day of the week. 



Homework is given out on Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.  Books handed in late will not be marked until the following week. 


                What we will be learning this half term 



The Literacy unit that the children will study this half term is Stories Written by the same Author. 


To improve their spelling skills and build their vocabulary, they will be practising spelling tricky exception words from the Year 3 curriculum and revising spelling of the Year 2 curriculum. These spellings will be sent home each week, and can be found at the bottom of this page. 



This half-term in our Big Read lessons, the children will be starting work on Anthony Browne's 'Gorilla'. Our main focus will be on developing the children's inference and comprehension skills: discussing how events in a story can make characters behave in different ways as well as thinking about how we can use evidence from the text to describe a character's feelings. At the same time, the children will continue to learn strategies to decode regular and irregular words and tackle new vocabulary.



 Image result for anthony browne gorilla


We have a diverse range of books to support your child's reading within the school and we hope this will enable your child to experience a range of authors and texts. Please ensure that you spend at least 30 minutes every evening reading with your child. We want every child to develop a love for reading, as well as the necessary skills to read a range of text types. 



This term in mathematics the children will begin by learning Place Value of numbers to 1000. 

They need to keep revising multiplication facts for 2, 5 and 10. 


International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

Our unit of learning this half term is 'Scavengers and Settlers'. This unit will help the children develop their geographical and historical skills and knowledge. 



Our unit of learning this half term is Animals, Including Humans. In this unit the children will learn that animals get their nutrition from the food they eat and that they are supported, protected and move with the help of their skeleton and muscles.






St Cyprian's class working with West End in Schools: bringing Roald Dahl's BFG to life through dance

St Teresa’s class working with West End in Schools; bringing Roald Dahl’s BFG to life through dance

St Teresa's class art lesson - Aesop's fables (15(/12/16)



Programs for home study


Hit the Button: Quick-fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling, halving and division to help children learn essential facts


Letters and Sounds on Topmarks: A variety of games, stories and rhymes to support children with phonics.


Galactic PhonicsPhonics, spelling  and other literacy worksheets to revise letters and sounds from Key Stage 1 and learn new spellings for Key Stage 2. 


Doorway Online: Free educational activities to support children with reading, spelling and maths.


Storyline: A variety of stories for your children to listen to, read by professional actors.