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St. Cyprian and St. Teresa

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page!


The Year 3 teachers are Mrs De Souza, Mr Gould and Miss Moncrieff


On this page you will be able to see what we have been learning about in class, find useful links to websites and see examples and pictures of work we have been doing. This page will be regularly updated so watch this space!

Personal belongings in school


Please ensure that your child does not bring any of their personal belongings (phones, tablets, pencil cases etc) to school. A pupil in Year 3 was recently unable to find a blue Lenovo tablet which they had brought into school and left in their bag. Unfortunately there is always the slight risk that valuables may be lost, damaged, or stolen, and the school cannot accept responsibility for this. 

Class play


St Cyprian's class play will be held in the Junior Hall on Friday 15th July, at 2.30 PM. We will be performing the story of Daniel from the Old Testament and it would be brilliant if parents and carers could come along to watch our performance. Please ensure that your child is practising their lines at home so that our performance is as good as it can possibly be!




This week we will be continuing to look at subtraction. The children will practise using the expanded (long) column method to subtract 2 and 3-digit numbers. This method will lay the foundation for more formal subtraction methods. Having completed this, we will move on to learning about pictograms and other methods of collecting and presenting data.  



In literacy, St Cyprian will be writing poetry for the final two weeks of term, whilst St Teresa's class will be reading fables such as 'The Dog and the Bone' and 'The Tortoise and the Hare', before planning and writing their own fables. In grammar, work will be done on using the right tense, first and third person, direct speech, conjunctions and fronted adverbials. In handwriting, the focus is to practise the joins and correct letter formation. In spelling the children will learn words with suffixes and prefixes.


It is important for children to read at home daily and practise handwriting and spelling as well. 

International Primary Curriculum (I.P.C.)

Our new topic will be 'Explorers and Adventurers'. In this unit, children we will be learning about the 'Golden Age' of exploration, while comparing life in our local area to life in a settlement in the southern hemisphere, using digital mapping, Atlases and their own research. 



Reading at home is one the most important things you can do with your child and it would be beneficial for your child if you could invest 15-20 minutes a day with them. It's important to discuss what's going on in the book as well as just hearing them read. This will develop their comprehension skills. Please remember to send back reading books everyday and to sign reading records. 


In class we have daily guided reading sessions and hear children read as much as possible.

Physical Education

Please ensure that your child brings in their P.E. kit every Monday and keeps it at school until Friday


St Cyprian have P.E. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and St Teresa have P.E. on Monday and Tuesday. 


Children must bring a suitable t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms, and a pair of plimsolls or trainers. 



Year 3 will have swimming lessons on Wednesday afternoons, starting on February 10th. Children need to bring a towel, swimming hat and a suitable bathing suit or trunks (long board shorts are not practical when learning to swim.)

Homework should be handed back by 
Wednesday and will be given out each Friday. Homework books should be kept inside your child's school bag and brought in everyday. If your child needs extra support the class teacher will place additional homework tasks to be completed. 


The Science topic is Forces and Magnets. The children will learn to

  • compare how things move on different surfaces

  • notice that some forces need contact between 2 objects, but magnetic forces can act at a distance

  • observe how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials and not others

  • compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of whether they are attracted to a magnet, and identify some magnetic materials

  • describe magnets as having 2 poles

  • predict whether 2 magnets will attract or repel each other, depending on which poles are facing

Sy Cyprian's Class Assembly

Preparing for our assembly
The story of Simeon
The Prodigal Son

Our visit to the Saatchi Gallery

First we learnt about the project 'Units of Power'
We are working with a real artist.
This art work is made up of pots and pans.
We had a lot of questions about the art work.
We used wire to create our own mini sculptures.
Dan helped us talk about the art we had made.
This reminded us of a cotton reel.
Next, we had a group sculpture challenge.
We enjoyed working together!

Using Numicon to help us find equivalent fractions

We use Numicon to help us find equivalent fractions.
It was hard at first.
I can find equivalent fractions for a third.

Look at all the learning we do in year 3!