School closes for summer on Thursday 16th July. Please come and collect your children’s reports and books before then :)
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St. Cecilia

If you are coming back to school on Monday, please make sure you have read the letter you have received with care. 


You can only bring in yourselves and a bottle of water with your name on it - nothing else.


I would love to see the homework you have done but this has to stay at home for the time being. 

Any questions, you can email me or contact the school.


See you on Monday!



Learning From Home: work will appear here every day.

Apart from the work I post for you, you must also do the following daily:


  • Read for at least 20 minutes
  • Do at least one hour of exercise - does not have to be all at once (and no, Fortnite does not count!)
  • Spend some time on Rock Star Maths
  • Find a way to be helpful to whoever is looking after you


You also have some comprehension exercises. Do one of these every two days as well as the Grammar and punctuation test. Bring these back to school when you come back.



This is an email address you or your parents can use if you want to contact me with any questions you might have about your work. It might be about how to do something or checking if you have done it properly. 


It does not work as a link so apologies if you have tried to message me and not been able to. You will need to cut and paste it into your browser. Also, could children use the emails of their parents or carers rather than their personal emails when contacting me. 


If you need to contact the school about anything else, do not use this address: ring the school in the usual way.

There are some great art activities here if you visit this address.


The artist will show you, step by step, how to draw, plaint make collages. He uses ideas from famous artists and shows you how you can achieve similar results yourself.


Have fun!


Free Book


This is a link to a free online book  for all children and families. It contains the  short stories, poems, essays and pictures from lots of children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon and Jacqueline Wilson.

Drumming Workshops


If you've ever wanted to be a drummer, then these workshops can teach you. You do not need drums to take part - you can use things from home.



Make sure your adults know what you are going to use.

Make sure you warn your adults  as things might get noisy!


You can find new books to read for free at this link

You do not need a Kindle to get these; an app can be downloaded to a phone/tablet/laptop (details via the link).



If you have done enough reading one day and would like to listen to a story instead, go to this link:


There are lots of stories and books for all ages to listen to here. It is free and there is no need to sign in.

PE activities

Joe Wicks is posting free PE lessons for children every day on his website. 


This will be really good to do each day if you are stuck inside.



You will have used Fitt-in a lot at school. You can access Fitt-in at home using these e steps: you will need your parents to do this for you.

Use this unique link to go to the Fitt-in website :

Parents, please enter your details and you will gain access to the Fitt-in videos
Choose your Fitt-in video, press play and enjoy!  There is no limit to usage and so you can take part in a few videos each day.
Safety & risk management:
You should always consult with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise.
To the best of your knowledge there is no reason why you cannot safely take part in Fitt-in videos.
The parent/ legal guardian, individual (if 18 years +) understands that they must ensure there is enough space to safely participate with Fitt-in videos.
You will not hold Fitt-in or the School liable for any injury sustained during/or as a result of participation
By clicking on any Fitt-in video you agree to the above

Important:YEAR 6 LEAVERS SERVICE please read and let the school know if you are interested

Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th July: calculations involving measure, letter of complaint, reading with inference, Black Lives Matter

Friday 10th July and Monday 13th July: converting measures, calculating volume, answering comprehension questions, understanding why population changes

Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th July: writing and redrafting a poem, understanding the work of the NHS, problems involving shapes

Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th July: features of a poem, planning a poem, problems involving length, 'automatic drawing'

Friday 3rd July: comprehension, units of measurement and word meanings

1st and 2nd July: number sequences, comprehension, spellings, and Prime Minister's Questions

Tuesday 30th June: Revision of Past Tense and calculation practice

Friday 26th/ Monday 29th June: write and redraft a diary, comprehension, problems involving circles, design a postage stamp, addition problem

Wednesday/ Thursday 24/25th June: formal and informal language, parts of a circle, the world's population.

Tuesday 23rd June: comprehension skills, problems involving coordinates and imagining being the prime minister.

Friday 19th and Monday 22nd June: the work for the weekend is about the nets of 3d shapes, comprehension skills, finding facts about Australasia, and making an information poster.

Wednesday and Thursday 17th and 18th June: redrafting my writing, spellings, and coordinates adn 3 d shapes

Tuesday 16th June: coordinate problems and writing a character description

Monday 15th June. Coordinate problems, using colons and semi-colons, and predicting the future effects of humanity on living things.

Friday 12th June: features of descriptive writing, reflecting shapes, and learning spellings.

Wednesday and Thursday 9/10 June: coordinates, spellings, making predictions, and understanding the effect humans have had on other living things

Tuesday 9th June: plotting coordinates and comparison questions

Monday 8th June: ICT - sending documents by email

Friday 5th June: problems involving fractions, using words in context and writing a setting.

Thursday 4th June. Today's work is about using figurative langauge and multiplying and dividing improper fractions.

Wednesday 3rd June: today's work is about features of a setting, dividing fractions and learning about organisms that have lived at different times in the past.

Tuesday 2nd June. Today's work is about reading and analysing a setting, multiplying fractions, and explaining the importance of Pentecost

Monday 1st June: Hope you had a good holiday. Today's work is spelling, reading about settings,and multipying fractions.

Friday 22nd May: writing instructions, angles in quadrilaterals, another continent to research, spellings.

Thursday 21st May. Today's work is about understanding pulse and rhythm, finding missing angles and using sentence openers.

Wednesday 20th May. Survey reminder! Today's work is new spellings, quadrilaterals and understanding the purpose of an instruction text.

Tuesday 19th May. A reminder about the parents'/ carers' survey, comprehension based on vocabulary, revising different types of triangle, and learning about another continent.

Monday 18th May. Today's work is about revising the Kingdoms of life, finding missing angles, and practicing comprehension skills.

Friday 15th May: today's work is about redrafting and decorating your information leaflet and continuing to laern and use this week's spellings. I have included the answers for yesterday's maths: how did you do?

Thursday 14th May: Today's work involves revising what you have learned about fractions and writing an information leaflet

Wednesday 13th May. Today's work continues with finding out about the continents. You will also be learning about the religion of the Vikings.

Tuesday 12th May: today's work is about parts of speech, recognising formality in a text, and researching one of the continents.

Work for Monday 11th May. Today's work is about solving problems involving fractions, identifying features of an information leaflet, and revising what we can learn from fossils.

Work for Thursday and Friday: redrafting your newspaper article, subtracting fractions, and researching the final years of Saxon Rule in England.

Wednesday 6th May: today's work is about adding fractions and writing a newspaper report

Tuesday 5th May. Today's work is about using direct speech, comparing fractions greater than one, and learning about Beethoven and changes of speed and rhythm in music.

Monday 4th May. Today's work involves the features of a newspaper text, comparing fractions, and revision of the work we did on evolution last term.

Friday 1st May: today's work involves learning and using some new spellings, and researching the final years of Saxon and Viking rule in England.

Thursday 30th April: today's work is about finding equivalent fractions and finding information in a newspaper article. There is also a reminder to complete this week's Geography work: there will be new research work posted tomorrow.

Wednesday 29th April. Today's work continues to look at equivalent fractions and using context to infer the meaning of words.

Tuesday 28th April. Today's work is about understanding unfamiliar words by using the context in which they are used and continuing to look at fractions and decimals.

Monday 27th April. Today's work is about fractions and decimals, reading and extracting information from newspaper reports, and finding out about why the sea has salt in it.

Friday 24th April: today's work includes learning spellings, understanding fractions, and helping the Disciples with Jesus' message

Today's work involves finding out about what life was like in Viking Britain and identifying different forms of the past tense. This needs to be done in your books. There is no maths today so make sure the History is done in detail. 


I have also posted the answers to the quiz: how did you do?



Wednesday 22nd April. Todays work is about calulating with and converting fractions. The literacy is about using apostrophes. There is also a quiz. You may need to research some of the asnwers: I will put the answers up on Thursday.

Tuesday 21st April. Today's work is a comprehension exercise and maths involving decimals. You can check the answers when you have finished but show the calculations in your books to prove you did them!

Monday 20th April. I hope you all had a good holiday and are ready to start (home)school again. Todays's work involves reading a news report, thinking about the similarities and differences between dolphins and sharks, and understanding binary numbers in ICT.

Over Easter, there will be no new work set apart from the RE work below.

New work will appear here on Monday 20th April


Answer the questions on the document below. Do this work in your books and make sure you write in sentences. Also write a prayer for all the people in the world who are suffering with the coronavirus or are part of the fight against it.


Secondly, make sure all the work from the last two weeks is dated, titled, competed, checked edited and corrected.


Most importantly, stay safe, don't irritate people at home and I hope to see you all as soon as possible.




Mr Crowley 



Work for Friday 3rd April. Today's work involves spelling, ratio and learning about the oceans.

Work for Thursday 2nd April. Today's work invoves solving problems involving area and perimeter, identifying different forms of the past tense, and finding out about Viking traders.

Work for Wednesday 1st April. Today's work is Long Division and finding and using subordinate clauses

Work for Tuesday 31st March. Today's work involves changing the tense of sentences, using Bodmas and manipulating images in ICT.

Work for Monday 30th March. Today's work involves comprehension based on a news report and short division with remainders.

Work for Friday 27th March. Today's work includes work for the weekend so there is a little more of it.



LI: I can make notes about how the Vikings fought.

History: read the Vikings lesson on BBC bitesize.


Follow this link and make notes in your book which summarise the main points about how the Vikings fought.

You may include pictures to illustrate your work.


Work for Thursday 26th March. Today's work is about solving two- step maths problems and identifying main and subordinate clauses.

Work for Wednesday 25th March. Today's work involves revising parts of speech and carrying out long multiplication.

Work for Tuesday 24th March . Today's work involves missing number problems, a comprehension exercise and starting to use PIXLR (see the ICT document below). Do all the work in your books.

Work for Monday 23rd March Today's work involves analysing a newspaper article and finding out about the classes of vertebrates

ICT - this document includes work for the next few weeks. Use the web links on the page to go to the sites you will need to access.

Welcome to St. Cecilia's class page


This year is a very important year for children as they come to the end of their time at primary school. We have two main focuses in year six:

- to prepare each child for secondary school as best we can

- to get the children ready for their SATs tests in May.

Year 6 is hard but we try to make it as interesting as possible.

You can help us by making sure your child reads at home regularly. We cannot stress how important this is. The ability to read fluently and quickly is probably the most important skill your child needs.

Thank you

Mr Crowley

Letters sent home regarding events in year 6 will be here so you can always find a copy. 

Spring Newsletter

Maths and literacy homework is attached below.

Maths is arithmetic practice. Literacy is grammar and punctuation revision.

We are going to be focusing on times tables in St Cecilia. Rapid recall of facts is essential in year 6 as it makes much of the work easier. The school has signed up to an online site so children can practise at home. Your child will have been given a username and password.

Year Six Weekly Information:

Things you need to know:


Homework will be given out on Fridays and is usually due back in the following Wednesday. Whenever possible, the homework will be posted on the class page. Occasionally, additional homework may be set.


Homework may involve researching a particular topic, practising skills learned in maths and literacy, or learning spellings and tables. It is extremely important that all homework is completed on time. If you have any questions about your homework or do not understand it you must speak to your teacher on the Monday before it should be handed in.  


PE will be on Monday and one other day in the week. Please make sure you  have a PE kit in school every day.

Big Read: 

This term's Big Read is 'Small Steps' by Louis Sachar