School Closure - COVID 19 - Please see class web pages for daily home learning. We remain open for our key worker children. Year 6 Return 8th June. Reception Return 15th June
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Welcome to Year 6!



Our new topic for IPC this half term is "They see the world like this!" People have been making impressions of the world since prehistoric times when we painted animals on the walls of caves. Throughout history, different cultures in different places and times have developed new skills and new ways to express themselves. Now it’s your turn! You are going to paint your impression of the world through art, music, dance, and much more. Have fun with the new topic.

We have had great fun so far learning Spanish. We have sourced a great tool to assist you with your skills. Here you can improve your Spanish by enjoying this mini series. Mi Vida Loca takes you on an intriging mystery adventure to Madrid and beyond in 22 episodes, each only ten minutes long, covering basic learning points for Spanish beginners.

A learning section compliments each episode. Go through the vocabulary and grammar in more detail and at your own pace, then complete activities for practice. Remember it is all about making your learning fun.

Calculating Using the Grid Method
We have been using the grid method to help us work out our multiplication calculations. These activities can be great fun plus, they really improve your skills. Go to this page:

Logical Thinking and Problem Solving
Here are some activities to help you develop your problem solving and logical thinking skills. See how good you are then move on to the more difficult examples. Go to this page:


Probability a Measure of Chance
Probability is a measure or estimation of how likely it is that something will happen or that a statement is true. Probabilities are given a value between 0 (0% chance or impossible) and 1 (100% chance or certain). The higher the degree of probability, the more likely the event is to happen. We had fun with probability now create your own pages and start the fun.

Rounding Numbers to the Nearest whole number, 10, 100 and 1000

You have been revising rounding off numbers. Go to this web page where you can use an image of a dartboard to reinforce rounding skills to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 or whole number when using decimals. Either choose to reveal the answers or input answers. It includes rounding pounds, metres and kilograms. Have lots of fun with your rounding, go to the page:

Identifying Errors in Language
The following activities contain passages with grammatical errors.This is a challenge for you, to identify those errors and see just how great you are at Literacy.Begin with the easy examples then feel free to move on to the greater challenges.Visit the link below:

You can find some great interactive science activities at:
We'll be doing some of these activities in class but try some at home and get ahead.

Study Ladder
You have your special classrooms on study ladder with specific activities set for you. Remember that you all have a login and password for this site. It's great to see that that many of you are already using it to sharpen your skills. Mrs Gustave and Mr Vowles will add new activities each week. We will be monitoring your progress. Go to his page and log on:

Having Fun With Problem Solving
Solving problems can be a bit challenging, but it gets easier the more you do. Here are some problems to keep you going. Remember it is important to read the problem carefully, devise a plan, then carry out the plan and always work backwards to ensure that your solution makes sense. Try out some of these word problems

Our Blog 
Both classes are now blogging! Please read their posts and feel free to leave a comment. 

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