School Closure - COVID 19 - Please see class web pages for daily home learning. We remain open for our key worker children. Year 6 Return 8th June. Reception Return 15th June
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St. Benedict

Year 6 leavers' service- please read attached letter.

Art club with Olaf Falafel looks fun and teaches some skills. You can choose from a range of lessons.

Learning at Home.

To support learning at home, there is now a class email set-up so that I can be contacted if there are any questions about the work that is set.

Please note that emails must come from parents/carers addresses rather than children's.

You can email me at:

(Please note the spelling of 'bennedict'- it is incorrect but this is how the email should read.

Hi everybody

I hope you are coping well with the difficult situation we are all facing. 

Please find details below of how to access Fitt-in at home.


From 20th April, the BBC is posting lessons for each year group. I will be using some of them for daily work but please feel free to look at others.


Please remember to read regularly for enjoyment. (This message will stay- it's the most important thing you can do!)

Take care

Mr Vowles

Update: Whiterose maths are doing daily lessons online. There is a teaching video and then some work. I highly recommend you access this.



The following link takes you to a Science Museum game called Launchball. It's a great game for problem solving and will help you revise some science concepts (trust me, it's good).




Timetable for lots of online learning that can be accessed and when.

Dear Parents/Carers

As well as daily work, I will add links to sites that have nice activities for your children.

The one below is from the National Literacy Trust:


There will be regular P.E videos for children at this link:

Dear Parents,

Fitt-in, is an online tool that offers short burst movement videos that have been developed for use in the classroom.
Fitt-in videos vary in duration from 2-6 mins, choose from calming to high energy and look out for the animations that help to engage.
We hope that you will use the Fitt-in videos together with your children to stay active every day.

To access the Fitt-in videos please follow these simple steps:

Use this unique link to go to the Fitt-in website :

Parents, please enter your details and you will gain access to the Fitt-in videos
Choose your Fitt-in video, press play and enjoy!  There is no limit to usage and so you can take part in a few videos each day.
Safety & risk management:
You should always consult with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise.
To the best of your knowledge there is no reason why you cannot safely take part in Fitt-in videos.
The parent/ legal guardian, individual (if 18 years +) understands that they must ensure there is enough space to safely participate with Fitt-in videos.
You will not hold Fitt-in or the School liable for any injury sustained during/or as a result of participation
By clicking on any Fitt-in video you agree to the above


Audible has lots of stories, for all ages, that can be listened to. They are free and no sign-up is required.

Welcome to St. Benedict's class page. 


This year is a very important year for children as they come to the end of their time at primary school. We have two main focuses in year six:

- to prepare each child for secondary school as best we can

- to get the children ready for their SATs tests in May.

Year 6 is hard but we try to make it as interesting as possible.

You can help us by making sure your child reads at home regularly. We cannot stress how important this is. The ability to read fluently and quickly is probably the most important skill your child needs.

Thank you

Mr Vowles

Letters sent home regarding events in year 6 will be here so you can always find a copy. 

Spring Newsletter

Maths and literacy homework is attached below.

Maths is arithmetic practice. Literacy is grammar and punctuation revision.

We are going to be focusing on times tables in St Benedict. Rapid recall of facts is essential in year 6 as it makes much of the work easier. The school has signed up to an online site so children can practise at home. Your child will have been given a username and password.

Year Six Weekly Information:

Things you need to know:


Homework will be given out on Fridays and is usually due back in the following Wednesday. Whenever possible, the homework will be posted on the class page. Occasionally, additional homework may be set.


Homework may involve researching a particular topic, practising skills learned in maths and literacy, or learning spellings and tables. It is extremely important that all homework is completed on time. If you have any questions about your homework or do not understand it you must speak to your teacher on the Monday before it should be handed in.  


PE will be on Monday and one other day in the week. Please make sure you  have a PE kit in school every day.

Big Read: 

This term's Big Read is 'Small Steps' by Louis Sachar



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