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Music Tuition

Music Tuition


Whole Class Music Tuition
All children in year 4 have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.
We have two year 4 classes, one class learns to play guitars and the other class learn to play clarinets and trumpets.

At the end of year 4 a group of children are chosen to continue tuition when they go into year 5. These are children who have regularly practised their musical instrument, and have an aptitude for music. We call them our continuers.

Individual Music Tuition
Parents can pay for music Tuition from Haringey Music Tuition Centre.
Any child can learn to play an instrument at any age. If you want your child to have individual or paired tuition with another child, please ask for a 'Music Centre Tuition' form at the school reception. 

Music clubs
There is also the opportunity to learn a musical instrument at after school clubs. Please look out or the 'School Club Newsletter' to see what music clubs are available.