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A group of our children performed at Cadogan Hall for a cperformance. We recieved a standing ovation and amazing comments from the audience. We really rocked that theatre!

Our Year 6 choir and some of our year 5 musicians were fortunate enough to perform in the Royal Albert Hall. Haringey Music Association hired the venue for two performances. It was an amazing performance. Our choir were seated at the front and several people commented on how well they sang and performed. Our musicians joined a large Haringey orchestra and sounded fantastic. What a fantastic opportunity!

Children's university graduation 16th June 2016

Cycle training starts this half-term for Year 6 pupils.Children will bring their bike to school and learn how to ride safely.

Our Special day with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.

We started the day with an assembly.
Is this really happening?
I'm really enjoying this!
I'm just taking all this in!
The first time I've been in the stadium!
Showing off my ball skills.

We celebrated Chinese New Year with a Chinese meal and chopsticks. The food tasted fantastic! We had such fun trying to use our chopsticks, look at the pictures to see how well we did.

Pendarren. Year 6 Jchool Journey January2015

Roasting marshmellows in the Teepee.
Checking out the local horses.
Crossing the water in the 'River Study'
All kitted up!
Fun in the snow!
Rope activities.
Entering the caves.
Going through the 'letterbox'. Will we all fit?
Canoeing on the Abergavenny canal.

New Caterers. An exciting new menu, freshly baked bread and more choice.

What shall I have today?
Lovely fresh bread!
What salad shall I have?
Sitting with our friends.
Empty plates, the food was delicious!

Letter from the DfE to congratulate us on our KS2 SATs results. results.

A group of Year 6 children visited The House of Illustration to discuss what it is like to live in Tottenham.

The Infant school enjoyed their drumming workshop!

We are waiting for our eggs to hatch.
Quentin Blake draws for St Paul's and All Hallow
Quentin Blake can draw very quickly
Quentin Blake drew the BFG and Sophie
We lit our Christingle and sang carols
The steel band played at the end of the day!
We enjoyed the Christingle service.
We lit our Christingle and sang carols
I can't wait to eat my sweets on my Christingle!
Lighting the first advent candle
The Bishop of London blessed all our schools
Saying a prayer for the Academies
Saying a prayer for all our schools
Saying a prayer for Haringey
We carried the banner
Children were asked to take boxes to the front.
We helped to build a wall of boxes
The wall spelled LDBS Academies Trus
The wall is finished.
Our singing was brilliant!
The Bishop of London and the Bishop of Edmonton
The five LDBS academy schools took part.
Mr Coulson spoke about our schools
We enjoyed the singing.
We love using the new iPads!
Haringey Primary Athletics champions. Well done!
Athletics Trophy 2013. We are the champions! (
The front of the Junior school
the play area
Does anybody know where these snow doughnuts are?
The staff built their own snowman!
We love the snow
Making snow castles!
We need more snow!
Making snow angels
Can you see our snow angel?
Snow didn't stop our football match!
Trying to make a mini snowman
We want more snow!
Making the new Infant banner
Our Christingle service
The advents candles are lit!
Glee Club Christmas Performance
Glee Club performance audience-pupils and parents
Playing for Success. Year 6 graduation.
 Mary and Joseph
The Nursery Christmas songfest!
St Martin's Christmas play
St Martin's nativity play
The snowmen from St Martin's
 St Elizabeth's nativity play
St Elizabeth's nativity play
Spider web on the school gate
Mrs Talabi holding the Olympic torch
Holding the Olympic torch
Our new school banner made by year 3 and year 5
Steve the torch bearer and Brianna.
Adebayor came to our Africa workshop at Spurs!
Sewing for our second banner
I am sewing for the second banner
We loved the after school circus workshop
The circus workshop was for all ages and parents
All Hallows church was built in the 12th century
All Hallows Church tower.
How many of you have visited All Hallows' Church?
If you visit the church, can you find this face?
Our parents are finding out about recycling.
We met the recycling team in the playground.
Recycling is very important. Why?
Year 4 Wind Concert
Riot Act. Cycling to school is good for us. Why?
Riot Act. Why is walking to school good for us?
Riot Act
Our new play ring.
Year 6 enjoying our new equipment
We can play as well as pose!
Year 5 enjoying our new climbing equipment.
Making our new banner. It is in the background.
Sewing the fringe for the new school banner.
Banner making workshop
Trip to the Paralympics
We had an owl display in school (
Year 4's production of Jonah
Our beautiful Queen. drawn by a year 1
MP John Hutton visited our Breakfast Club
Weymouth friends come to school and visit Spur
Our Friends at St Paul's School in Weymouth.
Parents workshop
IPC Open Day. Our parents joined in our lessons (
Our Chicks!
Year 4 Wind Concert
ear 5 Spurs Graduation