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Getting Ready for School

Support your child's independence

The most useful thing you can do to get your child ready for school is to make sure they are comfortable doing simple tasks by themselves. This includes:

  • Going to the toilet.

  • Getting dressed.

  • Putting on shoes.

  • Eating.


Build up social skills

Learning in a classroom is a social activity. Children learn and develop by playing alongside their peers, and they will make better progress if they are happy mixing with other children and adults. You can encourage this by:

  • Organising play dates.

  • Practising greetings.

  • Practising conversations.

  • Encouraging sharing and tolerance.


Make an early start with literacy & numeracy

Your child is not expected to have amazing literacy or numeracy skills at this age – that’s what school is for! However, there are some ways you can get your child ready for learning:

  • Help them recognise their name.

  • Share stories.

  • Hone fine motor skills.

  • Introduce them to numbers.


Help your child learn to concentrate

Your child being able to concentrate in 10–15 minute bursts will really help their teacher. Here are some ways to practise:

  • Enjoy extended play together.

  • Follow instructions

  • Play listening and observation games like 'I-Spy'.