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St. Monica and St Augustine

Year 5


Miss McNicholas & Mrs Crook


Important information:


PE: PE kit should be brought in on a Monday and taken home on Friday. PE kit should be a plain white shirt and black or blue shorts/tracksuit bottoms or the kit provided by Spurs. Footwear should be plimsolls or trainers.

St. Augustine PE days- Wednesday & Friday

St. Monica PE day- Wednesday


Homework: this will be handed out every Friday to be done by the following Wednesday. Each week's homework will be posted here.

Could you support us in ensuring that homework is completed on time and to a good standard.



This half term, our IPC topic is 'Anglo-Saxon Britain'. Children will be learning about the reasons the Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain and why they decided to settle.



Children will be studying the beginning of the fifth century after the Romans left Britain. They will learn how the British had not  trained to defend themselves and so after a second attempt that the Saxons tried to invade Britain, they succeeded. It was during the second half of the fifth century that more and more Anglo-Saxons arrived to take land for themselves. Children will learn what type of people they were, how they lived and will find evidence that they settled. We will also look at ancient texts which show early forms of writing.


Image result for Anglo saxon images


In geography, we will be looking at where in the world the Anglo-Saxons originated from and where in Britain they chose to settle.

Image result for Anglo saxon images


We will learn about Anglo-Saxon Pagan beliefs which will include investigating the ancient burial site of Sutton Hoo. Also, how Anglo-Saxon gods gave us the names of our days of the week.Children will be discussing how Christianity finally came to Britain, driving out the Pagan beliefs and way of life.

Image result for Anglo saxon images


Children will be learning about the changing states of matter and how solids, liquids and gases are called the three states of matter.

They will investigate how materials can be changed from one state to another by heating or cooling. Children will also be looking how the molecules in matter change according to its state.

Image result for changing states ks2

Big Read

 The children will be reading their Big Read novel in class every day. As well as reading out loud, they will explore and discuss the novel's key characters, the author's use of specific language and how this effects the reader. Over the course of the half-term, they will have opportunities to make their own predictions, infer, look at words in context and express an opinion based on what they have read.


Reading at home

We have a wide range of books to support your child's reading within the school, and we hope this will enable your child to experience a range of authors and styles of books. However, in order to become confident readers, children need to read at home as much as possible. Children will be responsible for choosing their own reading book and changing these when they are finished. There is a sign in and out system in place for the children to take autonomy over their own reading selection.



As part of our work in STEM, we accepted a challenge to build a tower as high as possible, using only scissors, newspaper and masking tape. We were given one hour to make it as high as we could had to hold a basketball on the top! 

Here's how we got on.

Picture 1 Making legs for the tower
Picture 2 Fighting with masking tape
Picture 3 Trying to balance the ball
Picture 4 Just before it collapsed!






As part of our entry point in IPC, we designed mini rockets and had a space race in our classroom. We launched the rockets by blowing through a straw to give them 'thrust'. We wanted to see whose rocket would go the highest and travel the furthest distance.

Picture 1 Helping each other build rockets.
Picture 2 A finished rocket
Picture 3 Ready to try it out
Picture 4 Shooting them high!
Picture 5 Launching our rockets
Picture 6 Preparing to launch
Picture 7 Getting ready to shoot