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St. Martin de Porres and St. Martha

Welcome to year 4:

Miss Daramola and Mr Gould


Important information

Welcome to the class webpage for both year 4 classes. We hope you're all looking forward to life in St Martin De Porres (Miss Daramola) and St Martha (Mr Gould). You will find everything you need to know about the year 4 classes here, including the homework your child will need to complete in year 4.


Please make sure your child brings in a P.E. kit on the Monday and brings these home to be washed on Friday. (Blue/black shorts or tracksuit bottoms, white P.E. top and trainers/plimsoles)


Saint Martha will have guitar lessons on Monday and Saint Martin De Porres will have wind lessons on Thursday. Please ensure that if your child brings their instrument home that they bring it back in on the days that they are needed.


Year 4's homework is given out on Friday and is due in the following Wednesday at the latest.

Please remind your children to do their homework or they will be asked to attend Homework Club during Thursday playtime.


Class assembly

St Martin de Porres' class assembly will be Wednesday 27th September.

St Martha's class assembly will be on Wednesday 1st November.




This half-term in literacy, we will be learning all about dragons, knights and giants! Yes- we will be looking at creating imaginary and fantasy worlds in our writing. The children will be using similes, metaphors and their best descriptive language to bring weird and wonderful creatures to life. They will also be looking at extracts from classic texts such as 'The Selfish Giant' and 'The BFG' and improving their understanding of how stories are structured.


At the end of the half-term, we will be composing our own poems, using the examples of Fiona Tomlinson's 'Being Told Off' and Valerie Bloom's 'Granny Is' to construct vivid images in our poetry writing.





This half-term in Maths, we will be learning about place value of 4-digit numbers as well as using all four operations to solve multi-step problems. We will also be identifying and describing different 2-D and 3-D shapes.


Children should start learning multiplication facts for 6, 7 and 9.


Reading: The Big Read




Our Big Read book this half-term is Philip Pullman's 'I Was A Rat- Or The Scarlet Slippers', a twist on an old fashioned fairy-tale set in a historical setting. The children will be reading this in class every day, building their reading fluency and decoding skills. As well as reading out loud, they will reflect on the novel's key characters, settings and themes. Over the course of the half-term, they will have opportunities to make their own predictions, share their opinions about key characters, and write simple summaries of what they have read. They will also explore elements of the text through drama and dance.


Reading at home

We have a wide range of books to support your child's reading within the school, and we hope this will enable your child to experience a range of authors and styles of books. However, in order to become confident readers, children need to read at home as much as possible. Most children will be responsible for selecting their own reading book and changing these when they are finished. We will be checking regularly to ensure that the children are changing their reading books.



Our topic this term is: 'Romans in Britain'



This term we are going to be travelling back to Roman Britain and finding out why Britain was invaded and settled by the Romans and what effects this had on the future of Britain. We will learn about the rise of the Roman Empire in Britain, opposition from Boudicca and the Celts, the legacy that was left behind when the Romans went home, and much more. Underneath you can find plenty of websites to explore, interactive games to play and even some craft ideas.


BBC Bitesize Romans:

Roman homework help:

Make a Roman mosaic:

Play the Roman numerals game:

Play the Roman boardgame:


Image result for habitats


This half-term in Science, our topic is ‘Living thing and their Habitats’.


A habitat is a place where animals or plants live. In this topic, the children will learn about the different places organisms live and what they need to survive.

Homework for Year 4


You can find the literacy, numeracy and topic homework for both year 4 classes here. Please ensure that your child completes their homework promptly and keeps their homework book in a good condition over the course of the year.