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Welcome to the curriculum page for Mathematics.



The New National Curriculum

From September 2015, all pupils from Years 1 - 6 are being taught the New National Curriculum for Mathematics. This means that there will be a greater emphasis on 'mastering' the curriculum for the year group that a child is in rather than being asked to do work from the year above. As the curriculum has changed, so have the National Assessments that pupils sit in Year two and Year six. As a school we have prepared for the changes in advance and all of our teachers have been trained in what the new curriculum for Mathematics is and how to deliver it.


What can you at home do to help?

We know that children do better at school when they are supported in their learning at home. These are some of the ways you can help at home, no matter how old your child is.


  • Talk to your child about numbers in the environment-count things you can see, read the numbers on buses, on shop signs, on front doors
  • Involve your child in thinking about real-life problem solving; laying the table, counting out / weighing vegetables, filling the sink with cups of water, cooking
  • Stick a 100 square grid on the fridge and practice counting on and back from any given number, count in one's and ten's, count in 2's, 5's, 3's and 4's; then doubles of those numbers then 7's and 9's
  • Ask your child to talk through their homework with you-ask them to explain how they worked something out
  • Make practicing multiplication tables fun not a chore and remember, some children ( and adults) genuinely struggle to remember certain facts


Above all, mathematics has to be fun, practical and stress free. Remember that our children learn to calculate using methods which we didn't learn so be patient and don't insist on your child doing it 'your way'.





Gallery 1 Learning how to sort shapes on the IWB in Y4.
Gallery 2 Sorting 2D shapes by their properties.
Gallery 3 Thinking hard!
Gallery 4 What properties does the purple triangle have?
Gallery 5 Talk is so important in mathematics.
Gallery 6 Did we do it correctly?

Year 3 measuring mass

Year 3 measuring mass 1
Year 3 measuring mass 2
Year 3 measuring mass 3
Year 3 measuring mass 4
Year 3 measuring mass 5
Year 3 measuring mass 6
Year 3 measuring mass 7
Year 3 measuring mass 8
Year 3 measuring mass 9