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After School Clubs

Clubs are now in progress!


School clubs will end on Friday 7th December 2018.


If your child is a member of school council do remember that they have school council meetings every two weeks after school on Wednesdays.  


Steel Pans are on Mondays for those who attend.


The Big Crunch club is on Thursdays.




We run several after school clubs during the year. These are run mainly by our own school staff. At the beginning of each term Ms Groom sends out a form giving the information for the available clubs. Parents need to return the forms to school indicating their choices, they are then notified of the club/s that their child/ren have been successful in getting a place to attend. Please make sure at least two choices are made encase the first is not available. 

Our clubs are always very popular and so we try to ensure that clubs are allocated fairly. We expect children to attend regularly and to be collected on time at the end of the session.

This is a list of clubs for this term:
Multi-sports - Children will do different sport activities.

Table Tennis 

Film club

Reading club


Craft club 

Makaton - Children will be taught how to speak and sign at the same time.

Games club - Children will get a chance to play board games and interact with each other.

Science club for girls - The children will have a chance to explore science and carry out investigations and STEM activities. 

Nature - The children get a chance to explore and learn about their natural surroundings. 

Every term there is a different selection. If you would like to help out or do a club please see Ms Groom.

Science and STEM club

Science and STEM club 1 team effort in building a newspaper structure
Science and STEM club 2 building a newspaper structure
Science and STEM club 3 building a newspaper structure
Science and STEM club 4 testing the strength of the structure
Science and STEM club 5 the finished structure

What's inside the human body?

What's inside the human body? 1 Where's the heart?
What's inside the human body? 2 How does food go down to the stomach?
What's inside the human body? 3 Let's look carefully at the lungs.
What's inside the human body? 4 The intestines are part of the digestive system.


Chromotography 1 The paper strip just touches the water.
Chromotography 2 watching the colours separate
Chromotography 3 keeping the height of the ink dots the same
Chromotography 4 Look at the different shades!